Bartending Service

Mixing Memories is West Michigan's preferred bartending service! All of our bartenders are certified and insured to make your big event run smoothly!

Serving Alcohol at Your Wedding or Private Event

Stop right there! You don't need to spend 5 or even 10 thousand dollars on alcohol service for your wedding or private event! Now that is out of the way, let's get down to it...

In the State of Michigan you can provide an open bar, or giving away alcohol for free to your guests, without having a liquor license. This means that you can purchase and supply the alcohol and mixers for your event, as long as a certified and insured COMPANY within the state is serving those drinks.

This is where Mixing Memories comes in! With over 2,000 events under out belt, our team will help you all along the way and your guests will absolutely love our fun and engaged staff members.

Depending on the size of your event, our services will include:

  • Bartender(s) that are both insured (liquor liability business insurance) and TIPS certified to serve your beverages. You will get the bartender(s) for the full duration of your event.
  • Mixing Memories will help you create an efficient and perfect drink menu.
  • Mixing Memories will help you with a supply list so you know what to purchase!
  • We are always here to chat via phone or email and will be here all along the way to help!

Fill out the form below with your event date, event location, approximate guest count, and we will get back to you immediately with a quote!


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